May 2021, India 
  • India surpasses 20 million Covid cases 
  • Unemployment rate rises to four-month high
  • 7.5 million jobs lost in April ‘21

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The solemnity of such state of affairs does gravely affect and alter the various communication plans and strategies adopted by brands across markets. In all rationality, it absolutely should, because business is most certainly not as usual. 
It feels absurd and surreal to carry on with the requirements of running a business, let alone post about art or fashion or anything that may be remotely ‘normal’. Nevertheless, times like these serve as a reminder for the prerequisite of humanness needed to run an organisation. What follows this moment of clarity are earnest attempts to look after the people that make our creative vision come to life. The administration, seamsters, artisans, craftsmen, everyone who plays their part is keeping the engines running. To be upright, these are a lot of livelihoods that find themselves uncertain about their future and hence we find our ways to anchor our ecosystem to safety. 
This is what birthed the Quote Your Price initiative. 

 Quote Your Price, explained:
  • Taking flight off the principles of Labour Day, we are offering our customers to quote the price they wish to pay for our designs till the 31st of May. 
  • On purchasing any of the pieces under the “Quote Your Price” tab on our website, you will find a button that asks you to, “Make An Offer”. 

You are at will to put in whatever amount you wish within the given window.  

The window is provided to ensure the payment of bare minimum making charges required to tailor the garments.  

  •  All proceeds above the minimum amount will go to the aid of Indian karigars at Dastkar - a society for crafts and craftspeople. You can know more about Dastkar, here

  • The contribution will be made at the end of May ‘21 with the money raised for the welfare of the karigars at Dastkar 

We are eternally grateful to stand beside our diligent community that has with such profound grace and humanity helped us to keep Āroka strong and creative. 

Although you and I both know that every single penny counts, we are here to once again reinforce that every single contribution carries hope. We sincerely thank you for your kindness and support. 

Until then, stay safe and stay strong. 



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