Āroka” is the light that shines through a woven cloth in Sanskrit, its conceptual meaning inevitably tied to its artistic identity and Indian connect.

Āroka was born from the belief that clothes are meant to be as free-spirited as the wearer, mixing distressed and dark identity with authentic Indian handloom techniques in contemporary modern silhouettes. It’s a window to the soul of Indian textiles, showcasing how our indigenous craft can be approached with a minimalist, dark identity.

The brand is also unafraid to tackle social issues, often intertwining art, opinions and emotions to highlight everything from dissent to sustainability to uplifting the less fortunate. At its core, Āroka aims to empower, educate and raise awareness about issues that plague our society through fashion statements.

Comfort and style go hand in hand in Āroka’s Co-Exist Summer collection. Stitching together handwoven cotton and muslin jamdani and handpainted chintz printed fabrics full of heart, to bring you garments that reflect the Soul of India.