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      “Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.”
      This philosophy lies at the very heart of each of Āroka’s creations.
      “Āroka” which means light shining through woven cloth, is essentially a celebration of the imperfect. When we think clothes, we think emotions. It’s like you’re wearing your memories. And memories – they’re not perfect. There’s love and happiness, but there’s also confusion and despair. We often make the mistake of thinking there’s something wrong with that. At Āroka, we believe the opposite. There is beauty in imperfection. Flaws are what make us fly. Our clothing reworks the basics, mixes materials and styles to reveal the part of us that is always unraveling. This creates a beautiful tension between traditionality and sophistication in of each of our garments. Exaggerated silhouettes. Layered textures. Raw, handwoven fabrics. You’ll find a distressed look scattered through our collections. These distressed details, from an aesthetic point of view, allude to a worn and beloved look. What is known and familiar, is always full of love. Nostalgia is powerful. We’re supposed to cover up our feelings, layer our emotions when we wear this distressed trend. But here at Āroka, we turn this on its head and wear these feelings on our sleeves, quite literally. We wear our flaws with pride, because that’s how they’re meant to be worn. Experience this sublime feeling with us. Experience the fragility of nature. The beautiful mess that life is.  Let Āroka touch your soul.