While adhering to the sustainable social and environmental standards, at Āroka we strive to follow conscious practices through each step of our production practices.

We respect our artisans to provide them with a healthy environment to work in and pay them fair wages. Their education and training informs our contemporary designs which are globally relevant. We aim to empower them by honing their skills and teaching them new techniques that foster their growth regularly.

We consciously source fabrics handspun and woven by skilled artisans in
India, and manufactured using environmentally responsible production
processes making it a sustainable choice. Our fabrics are breathable,
well absorbent, antibacterial, and soft on the skin for a fine luxurious
feel. Sourced from the weavers of Bhuj, Bengal, and remote parts of
India, each fabric has a story to tell of generations mastering the
skills of age-old traditions.

To create beautiful textures, we experiment and work with handspun and hand woven
fine muslins ruched by hand, as an alternative to synthetically produced

Even though this technique requires time and patience, our team is committed to deliver the best for you and the earth.

Our sustainable practices also involve the use of buttons made from natural resources like metal, coconut shells, mother of pearl and sea shells.

We use environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-allergic, and azo free dyes.. Like all good things they fade gracefully with time, but will always remain sustainable and biodegradable. Due to natural and handcrafted methods, the final outcome varies each time and the irregularities make the patterns unique like a beautiful anomaly.

We are mindful about the fabric scraps that we generate. Over the period of time, we have collected and stored these fabrics, with an intention to upcycle them into products for you .We have designed bucket hats, masks and bookmarks, and would love to know what more you would like to see. Have suggestions for us?

Our conscious effort to reduce any harm to the planet means we’ve made packaging that is biodegradable, water-soluble, and free from polyolefin plastics. Our bio bags are made from vegetable starch like tapeo and corn along with other natural extracts and raisins. Free from polyethene and polypropylene, they are completely biodegradable in 3-4 months. The colours used in the bags are natural dyes which are antitoxic and environment friendly. We are committed to being a socially responsible brand, so your garments are shipped in envelopes made from recycled paper to make sure your entire experience is sustainable and eco friendly.

We work on providing a life of dignity to our artisans to attain a better lifestyle with stabilized income and treatment. Along with paying fair wages for every minute, we practice freedom of associations, gender equity, no discrimination, and respect for the environment. We ethically source fabrics from small-scale local artisans and cooperatives throughout India and prohibit the use of dangerous chemicals and components. Conscious about our social responsibility, we give back to our society by raising money for non-profit organizations that work for the welfare of artisans and citizens of the country.