An Homage to BLINK – the Collection that Taught Us to Learn & Let Go.

An Homage to BLINK – the Collection that Taught Us to Learn & Let Go.

As we prepare for something new amidst the changing seasons, we look back at what BLINK meant to us, and how its essence will carry on in all that we pursue.

There’s a fraction of a second where our eyes remain shut, but our minds remain wide open. Blinking comes to us as easily as breathing, but with each time we shut our eyes, we reopen them with a renewed focus, a clarity only achieved by the shift from darkness into the light.


Featuring a congruence of saturated colours and chaotic textures that parallel our outlook on past experiences, you’ll find signature ruching evocative of shrinking memories; asymmetric lines that bend the truth as we unduly try to hold on to only what we wish to see; layers and panels that make space for new beginnings while keeping in touch with old ones; and dip-dyed fabrics that mirror our mixed thoughts.

Intrinsic to our creative process is the fearlessness of Contemporary Art. For us, it’s our means of catharsis. Before contemporary fashion began to be applauded for reflecting inclusivity, its artistic counterpart had been ceaselessly fighting for non-conformity of any kind. Blink is yet another capsule of collections meant to liberate the wearer of all the rules and burdens of the past, creating a wardrobe of radical styling permutations.

Our contemporary world rightfully demands Conscious Choices with every step we take: sensibly sourced fabrics, fair wages, environmentally responsible production practices and handcrafted creative methods, and ultimately packaging that is kind to the Earth. These prerequisites protect the community we build, and the ecosystem within which we grow and sustain. Nestled next to conscious choices is the desire to be morally & creatively attuned to the ‘Social Sentiment’ at large. It’s a strange place of paradox, for the sentimentality may come with a certain heaviness, but it delivers a fistful of joys, the most treasured of which is the gift of community.

It is prudent to believe that we are the sum of all our experiences, and the past twenty four months or so have tipped the scales in a wayward balance. Blink is our confrontation of the loss that rippled across the spectrum of life and our quest for closure soaked in a creative spirit of colours. A sparling toast to whatever will be, will be, for we know that the future is not ours to see.

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