Carving a Niche for Curves & Contours

Carving a Niche for Curves & Contours

Caught in between a paradigm shift, let’s take a deeper look at why does size inclusivity and representation in fashion matter. We may sound like a repetitive echo that refuses to fade away, but that is precisely what tells us that this movement has been long overdue.

Being a contemporary fashion brand in modern-day India, we are a part of an industry that’s come a long way in acknowledging, recognising and celebrating humanness in all its colours, shapes and sizes. Make no mistake, we still have a long way to go. This little note that you’re reading, is just something to remind you that you are worth fighting for, and that we see you.

Back in February, we dropped a limited-edition capsule of moody monochrome t-shirts that were designed to feel like a warm embrace. Our focus was to offer you comfy, boxy fits with a soothing solace in the hopes that it would bring our community closer to one another. We were mindful about everything, right from the whispers of love we printed on the t-shirts to the soft-brushed fabric that made them feel worn in. We kept coming back to the thought that these t-shirts have to feel like an embrace to everyone - the bodies that feel unseen, the bodies that are denied love, shy bodies, outcasted bodies, ridiculed bodies, bodies that struggle with accepting themselves, and bodies bent and scarred by the bitter notions of beauty.

Truth be told, we’re overwhelmed. We couldn’t be happier with the way you made our designs your own. The stories of love, acceptance and confidence that poured in, have revved our desire to keep creating a space that embraces us all with love and fierceness like no other.

A few reminders to leave you with: we provide customisations for all bodies. You are the ones who are meant to wear our clothes, never the other way round. We will keep striving to create a space that represents every curve and every contour. Voice your love for the community for its yours, and hold us accountable if you feel we are not doing enough. You will always find us rooting for you against all odds.

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