“The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off” 

- Gloria Steinem 

Acknowledging the truth, especially when it goes against what we believe or have been taught, can be a difficult and uncomfortable process. But ultimately, it is a necessity for growth and liberation.

In this case, we’re talking about the truth behind years of female oppression projected through society’s (rather harsh) banishment of the nipple. We aren’t going to deny just how ridiculous it is that the nipple has turned into a formidable movement for liberation. But alas, it has. And it's justified. 

It’s justified because it challenges the notion that women's bodies are objects of sexual desire and should be hidden from public view. It challenges the idea that women should be ashamed of their bodies and instead promotes a message of body positivity and self-love. And as a fashion house, we are far too closely tied to the movement than we had perceived. 

The first time this realization struck us was with the success of the Vivian Bandeau Top.


Ruched over the bust with a cult to sculpt the body well, the free nipple-friendly Vivian Bandeau Top was one of our first pieces to quickly turn into a cult-favourite. We remember the day we saw Aroka muse Masaba Gupta pair it with her classic denims, setting off a chain reaction that would lead to fashion girls wanting a piece of that unapologetic and liberated sense of style Masaba represents. 

It's not just a coincidence that our community grew a special love for the pieces that booted the bra, and liberated their bodies from the limitations marked by society. These were clothes that didn’t serve as a tool for covering up the body but were rather meant for expressing oneself without inhibition. They pushed society to be more accepting & inclusive, challenging the norms that have sexualized the female nipple and perpetuated the notions of gender inequality on the sly. 


Let’s take a look at the bestsellers that empowered you to leave the bra at home.

Hope Halter Top 

The name says it all. Meant for all bodies everywhere, without the bra and without any burden. If you’ll allow it, the Hope Halter Top can be an empowering instrument that’ll set your style free for now and forever.


Lucid Halter Top

Don’t deny your breasts the luxuriously loving feel of handwoven muslin that’s ruched over the bust to make you look like nothing short of a wandering daydream. Besides, it’s backless. Leave the bra at home and remember what we told you about making a statement in a halter.


 Romantique Ruched Top

Here’s looking at a blouse that can’t quite be defined. But what you can say is that it’s made for the new romantics, those in love with the liberty, equality, and sensuality that comes without having to mould your breasts into a bra.


Amour Top

When you’re dressing to make a statement in a blouse, nothing feels more like armour than the hold of a halter. The Amour top doesn’t want you to wear a bra, it already knows how to keep you secure. But it does want you to hold your own when you walk into the boy’s locker room to smash those darn windows down.


Hydra Top

If we could have a dollar for the times our bras have ruined the look of our outfits, we’d be rich enough to pump millions into the free nipple movement. If you think of wearing a bra with the Hydra top, it’d be one more dollar into the bank. But then again, nobody really needs to wear a bra with their outfit, do they?


Periwinkle Crop Top

The Periwinkle crop-top is a cult-favourite for good reason. It lets all boobs be who they are. Big boobs, small boobs, sideways or mismatched, the Perwinkle will hype you up whenever you feel like freeing the nipple and living your best life.


Paradiso Crop Top

Beautifully body-fit for all bodies, and securely sensuous for all nipples, the Paradiso Crop Top is meant for those who wish to frolic in an endless summer paradise. And there are no body shamers allowed in paradise. 


New Moon Ruched Halter Top

Edgy, elegant, and sensuous, the New Moon Halter takes inspiration from the androgynous waistcoat but makes it tenfold more powerful without the need - or desire - for a bra.


Veronica Corset Top

The corset has been a symbol of both beauty and oppression. Did it sexualize women? Yes. Did it limit women to a reductive form of femininity? Yes. Did it force women to flatten the stomach and emphasize the waist? Yes. But here’s us reclaiming the corset with a construction so fine and free that it caresses the breasts rather than contorting them for the male gaze. Oh, and it’s also meant for all tummies, flat, flabby, or not

The fight for gender equality is far from over. And it’s bizarre to think that despite it being 2023, women still face undue censorship and misogynistic attacks over what they wear in public. But as a business that’s so closely tied to this movement, we’re quite loud and proud about our part in freeing the nipple. 

If we’re being honest, we genuinely don’t wish to offend anybody. But we’ve made peace with the fact that we just might. Because the question still remains: how can nipples offend anyone that much anyway?


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